Top 8 Time Attendance System in UAE

Top 8 Time Attendance System in UAE

14 December 2021

The time and access control system are very much required technology for companies today. These systems combine the power of access control with the need of time and attendance logging. This system eliminates time frauds and reduce payroll costs. Tracking the employee’s in and out time makes it easy for the administration to process payroll and save time. Because every human being’s fingerprint, iris, voice, face, hand, palm, and everything is unique. So, the help of a biometric system can get an accurate, authentic and quick way to record the attendance time of the employees. Here are some of the best time attendance and access control systems.

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Multi -Bio Time Attendance and Access Control System

Biomax N-K30

N-K30 is well known for its performance and technology. This simple mode has everything that is unique. Linux based operating system to give High -speed and accurate fingerprint identification with capacity of 2000. This compact and lightweight designed system is adaptable for moist, dry and rough finger and also coloured & mehndi finger, therefore need not worry about the finger types. The system also has supremely low energy consumption with its inbuilt battery backup. This highly reliable and durable system is unaffected by high temperature. Its access control feature, N-K30 locks your door to permit the entry and exit to the room.

Biomax N-BM3OW

For providing the best result, Biomax N-BM3OW is developed with dynamic features in one go. It consists of a powerful CPU that gives the best performance and its inbuilt battery helps in providing internal battery backup and supremely low electric energy consumption. This system is best in fingerprint identification with its high speed, accuracy and good sensing skill for dry moist, rough, color and mehndi fingerprints. BM30 focuses mainly on two modes of verification that are fingerprint and RFID, password authentication. N-BM30 pro was made to give its users flexibility in connectivity, it offers WIFI, TCP/IP, USB protocol. This user-friendly system is highly reliable and durable.

Biomax N-BM260 W

With the emergence of new companies, it is important to bring in a systematic order for their firm. So, the latest N-BM260 W is well equipped with the latest technology. Its face capacity is up to 1000 and its finger capacity is around 3000. This system has come up with an inbuilt battery backup and a 2.8’’TFT color screen LCD display. Its, interesting features include a World-class algorithm, High-Speed and Accurate Identification, 2 output relay for door opening with strong connectivity of Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, USB. The system software includes desktop, web and cloud with industrial high-speed CPU

Biomax N-Uface302

Biomax pro multi bio-N-Uface302 includes both the face and finger sensing technology with a capacity of 3000 and 10000 respectively. The auto-focused high-speed and accurate face identification program and the best fingerprint sensor specially built for verifying dry, moist, rough, mehndi and colored fingers is more user-friendly and fast in processing. It’s also having distance verification technology. These perfect combinations also include the RFID and password modes of verification. This system also has a comprehensive SDK which is advantageous for the development and integration.

ESSL - AiFace-Mercury

Linux-Based Time & Attendance with Visible Light Facial recognition is highly acceptable and recommended technology. This system has a unique feature that others do not have is its recognition of distance. It has been greatly extended up to 2 meters long which significantly improves the maximum traffic rate. Most of the system algorithms only support 15-degree angles. This 2.8-inch touch screen doubles the detection angle in terms of human head rotation, wide pose angle acceptance and supplements lighting with adjustable brightness for a speedy proactive facial recognition. This system is also very easy to install in all desktop devices and has multiple language supporting system


F22-Ultra Thin Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control System is the most premium quality access control system from eSSL. The major attractive feature is its ultra-thin and elegant design with its 2.8-inch TFT screen and touches keys. The system is built-in auxiliary input with enhanced flexibility to link a wired detector or emergency switch. Using standard WIFI connection, the main access control can retrieve the following features anti-passback, access control interference for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, electric button and alarm. This user-friendly system includes multiple verification methods that provide users with various choices.

ESSL AiFace – Pluto

Linux-based hybrid biometric access control and time and attendance terminal with visible light facial recognition and palm recognition system is the latest technology and comes with multiple verification methods for access. It includes face, palm, card and password verification methods. The system has proactive visible light facial recognition and ant spoofing algorithm against print attacks, video attacks and 3d mask attacks. The two-meter recognition distance is more attractive than any other system. The recognition distance has been extended to two meters which significantly improves the maximum rate. The speedy recognition and wide pose angle, acceptance and recognition of the human head with supplement light and adjustable brightness are far more attractive.

ESSL AiFace -mars

The latest AiFace -mars technology is well equipped and adaptable for all companies. This system has multiple sensor verification that includes face, palm, card and password. Linux -based access control and time & attendance terminal with visible light facial recognition enables speedy recognition and also comprises the wide pose angle acceptance. The distance recognition has been extended up to two-meter long. The special feature of the anti-spoofing algorithm against print attacks, (laser, color, and B/W photos), videos attack will ensure the system’s stability and work for countering any spoof attack on the system. To get a hygiene environment in the office the system has a touchless facility for better processing.

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