K-100 Watch Pager Clock

Ycall Restaurant Wireless Call Waiter Watch Pager Clock Hour Bracelet K-100

Wireless calling system is widely used in service area. It consist of table button for guest use and signal receiver  for waiter or waitress use. When the guest needs any service, he or she just press the button near him or her, his or her desk number will showing on the RECEIVER with alert music or sound. So the waiters could offer service very timely.

Specification of Watch Pager K-100

  • Can work with 500pcs multi-key transmitter in max
  • Can show 1 group call number in one time
  • Show 3-digit number from 001-999 and alphabet can be A b C d E F
  • Can indicate different service type via words (CALL,BILL,DRINK )
  • Can track the history calling info by up and down
  • 3 reminder ways: sound prompt and vibration or both
  • Battery is rechargeable: 3.7V Lithium battery
  • Dimension: 50*40*16mm
  • Color:black
  • Output: DC5V–1A