Under Vehicle Search Mirror: UV200

Special Statement:

  • Reserve the rights to update and amend the product design specification and the manual content, without any notice.
  • The abandoned batteries must be handled in accordance with the local laws or rules.


The under-vehicle search mirror TEC-V3 and The economical type are mainly used for checking the whole under the condition of the vehicles in order to make sure whether be changed illegally and hidden the suspicious stuff/people or not; they also, be used for checking places where people can not touch conveniently, such as the high platform, pipe, shaft, pipe inside, the dark box inside, the bushes, the bottom of chairs, bed, document cabinet, etc.

Kindly Notes:

  • Please use a dry cloth to scrub the mirror surface before you check something.
  • This item is not suitable for the condition when the height is more than 10cm between the items and the mirror surface