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Currency Counter Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Currency counting machine Abu Dhabi Dubai
Bharti Technologies is the leading supplier of currency counting machines in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across Uae.
A currency counter is a machine that counts money—either stacks of banknotes or loose collections of coins. Currency Counters may be purely mechanical or use electronic components. The machines typically provide a total count of all money or count off specific batch sizes for wrapping and storage.
Currency counting can cause major problems inside your business. When people are working with considerable amounts of cash to be counted at the end of the day or throughout the day, you may have many inaccurate totals and a considerable amount of wasted time.
Counting money is a time-consuming task and will definitely slow everyone down by counting money manually or having your staff counting it. Why not let a device designed to handle money do it for you? You’ll discover you could gain numerous benefits by having a money counting system.

Below are a few of the benefits of using a currency counter:

Accuracy and Reliability of Currency Counter

Let’s face it – we all make mistakes from time to time and when you’re counting a large amount of cash throughout the day, mistakes are going to be made. You can prevent huge counting mistakes and get a reliable and accurate count of your cash transactions. You can expect that from a Carnation currency counter. Carnation Enterprises, Inc. has accurate counters that will accurately count small or large amounts.

Currency Counting Machines Saves Time

If you happen to have a staff member who counts slowly so they won’t make any mistakes, chances are you may have a dissatisfied customer, especially if they have to wait for long periods of time during a transaction. You can decrease frustration on your employees and customers by letting a fast currency counter handle the task.

Detecting Counterfeit Cash

Besides fast and accurate service for your customers, a business that deals with large volumes of money must have an effective anti-fraud measure. Some unscrupulous criminals out there have been able to manufacture very convincing fake money and introduce it into the financial system. You can use your valuable time and train your employees to detect counterfeit money, however, a currency counting machine by Carnation has units that have Ultra-Violet (UV), and Magnetic (MG) counterfeit detection functions as well as IR (Infra-Red). These counterfeit detection features will detect the majority of counterfeit bills. Don’t be a victim of fraud!

Protect your Business Along with Saving Time and Money

Essentially, currency counting machines will protect your business from counterfeit currency and save valuable time for you and your staff. If you normally handle large amounts of money, this would be a valuable addition to your business and these machines pay for themselves by saving you hours of paid manpower.
Kolibri Models
Hitachi Models
Magner Models
Giesecke & Devrient Models
SBM Models
Image Model Specifications
Currency Counter Abu Dhabi MM 105+
Currency Counter Abu Dhabi MMK 30
Currency Counter Abu Dhabi MMK 30UDM
Currency Counter Abu Dhabi MM 8601UVMG
Currency Counter Abu Dhabi MM 4200 UVMG
Currency Counter Abu Dhabi RB 1100 UVMGIR
Currency Counter Abu Dhabi RB 1104 UVMGIR
Currency Counter Abu Dhabi MM 2100UVMG
Currency Counter Abu Dhabi MM 600UVMG
Currency Counter Abu Dhabi MM 8673 UVMGDD
Image Model Specifications
currency counter abu dhabi MMCC 11O Coin Counter
currency counter abu dhabi MMCCS 270
Vacuum Counter
Image Model Specifications
currency counter abu dhabi VE 870 II