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Time Stamping Machine

Time Punching Machine Abu Dhabi
A date and time stamp eliminates individual hand stamping for incoming mail, bids, contracts, paid invoices, medical CMS forms, and more. These are the same time and date stamps used by federal, state, county, and city government officials for legal document control and validation. Units from Widmer, Amano, and the Reiner JetStamp make organizing and verifying documents simple.
Unlike the traditional time clock used in payroll timekeeping, a time date stamp machine can imprint 1000 or more times every day. Built for heavy-duty use, our time date stamp machine options are print on a wide range of surfaces including onion skin paper, heavy card stock, and multiple copy forms. We specialize in date and time stamp equipment, like the Reiner JetStamp, that meets your requirements.
This recorder can be used to support time & attendance, job costing, and document control and it is designed for a professional office environment.
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