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Walkie Talkie Abu Dhabi

Walkie Talkie Abu Dhabi
Walkie-talkies are handheld, portable radios: they communicate wirelessly (using radio waves) on a single, shared frequency band. Each battery-powered unit contains a transmitter/receiver and antenna (for sending and receiving radio waves), a loudspeaker that often doubles up as a microphone when you talk into it, and a button that you “push-to-talk” (PTT). The loudspeaker/microphone works in much the same way as an intercom: because a speaker and a microphone contain essentially the same components (a coil of wire, a magnet, and a paper or plastic cone to pick up or generate sounds), you can use a single device to do both jobs essentially by switching the electrical circuit into which it’s connected and reversing the current. More sophisticated walkie-talkies (like the Motorola model shown in our photos) contain separate loudspeakers and microphones.
Many organizations across a wide range of industries use two-way radios for internal communications between and among personnel.
Our two way business radios are ideal for use in the broad spectrum of Industries; But mainly in Construction, Oil and gas, petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical, Restaurants, Outdoors, Government Offices, Hospitals, Military and defence applications, Manufacturing and Campus uses, Theaters, event management, security.
Take seamless mobility in your hands with Motorola portable Two-Way Radios. Our 2 ways Radios are ready-to-use and these radios, they enable, on-site communications with no call charges – the perfect answer for business users who need to stay in touch with colleagues.
Wireless system provides Sales and service for Motorola Walkie talkies and two-way radios. We also carry accessories and spares for Motorola two-way radios – Audio Accessories, Battery, impres Battery, impres Single Unit Charger, Multi Unit Charger, impres Multi Charger,Battery Maintenance System, Carry Case.

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