Automatic Pay Station

Easier Payment for a Better Parking Experience

  • Rugged Design Full of Technology
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Support Multiple Parking Services
  • Strong Security Protection
  • Remote Upgrade Service

Rugged Design Full of Technology

The main body of the product is composed of high-quality metal panels and plexiglass, and the design is sturdy and durable. And the black and silver color scheme makes the visual effect even better.
The operation window uses a 17-inch LCD capacitive touch screen, which easily supports video intercom and parking services. There are voice prompts when users operate, and the interactive experience is stronger.

Flexible Payment Options

The standard version supports multiple payment methods, such as cash, mobile payment, debit card/credit card, etc. We can provide corresponding customized services according to different usage scenarios.
The billing system can also integrate coupons and electronic invoices to provide users with more intimate services.

Multiple Applications Integrated in One Machine

Not only does it support the payment function, but combined with the video parking guidance system, it can also support car search by license plate number, parking space number or the time of entering the parking lot.
When there is a problem with the operation, the user can ask for help through the video intercom function, and the staff of the customer service center will patiently guide you to operate step by step.

Strong Security Protection

The product integrates a high-definition camera, when the user operates the machine, the camera will automatically capture and save photos, which can be viewed in the management system.
It has multi-layer independent safety lock and safe product structure. Cabinets, ticket boxes, and cash boxes have mechanical or digital locks to maximize the security.
The system will record all operations, such as opening the door, taking out the ticket box, placing the ticket box, and any abnormal operation will trigger an alarm.

Remote Upgrade Service

The management center will regularly detect the software environment and version, and update and maintain it within the time specified by the customer to ensure the reliability of the system.

Value-added Services

The product has its own advertising push function, and parking lot operators can obtain additional traffic or income through advertising.