SPIDER Automation Mini Motor Siren (MS-190)

SPIDER Automation mini motor siren (MS-190), Industrial Alarm Sound Electrical Hooter Buzzer, AC220V 0.43A, 114dB by SPIDER Automation

Product description


  • The alarm sounds through the motor that drives the wind-helical alarm. So it emits the sound of the drill.
  • The decibel approx is 114db (Not adjustable).
  • A true sound driven by the motor.

High Quality

  • A true high quality and brand new heavy duty.
  • A durable powder coating finishes. High-quality materials.
  • High temperature resistance and low temperature resistance.

Good Structure

  • Heavy metal shell structure.
  • Stable working performance.
  • Good sound and durable product.

Easy to Install

  • Fixed base installation.
  • Adjustable air outlet up and down.
  • Comes with 2 wires the alarm needs to be controlled by sensor and switch. The correct connecting way is as below: SENSOR—SWITCH—SIREN. The siren will stop working after power off, please check whether the sensor connected switch.


  • Suitable for residential building, office, factory, schools, shops, store, hotel, factory, public places and more.
  • Perfect for use on boats, police, ambulance and other emergency vehicles.
  • Can also be used as a burglar system in automobiles and buildings.