Audio Amplifiers

Audio AMPLIFIER 60W/ 120W


  • EMC input
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • Operates on 220V AC and 24V DC


  • FR-120, JB-60 and JB-120 with 2 microphone inputs/ 1 RCA line input 
  • 70/100 volt or 4 to 16 ohm outputs 
  • Line and Record Level Outputs 
  • Mic input 1 with priority muting
  • Integrated Bass and Treble tone controls 
  • Desktop compact design

JB-60/ JB-120/ JB-240

JB60, JB120, FR-120, and JB240 are based upon the reliable performance of the Class D amplifiers. Designed for wide range of applications in facilities such as retail outlets,  villas, performance halls, places of worship, sports clubs, gymnasiums, class rooms, conference rooms, dance venues, pubs, and FGM/BGM systems. The JB Class D Series provides unmatched performance, the right power for the job at an affordable price.


  • JB-240 with 3 microphone inputs/ 2 RCA line inputs
  • 70/100 volt or 4 to 16 ohm outputs 
  • Line and Record Level Outputs 
  • Mic input 1 with priority muting
  • Integrated Bass and Treble tone controls 
  • Desktop/ Rack mount design

Audio AMPLIFIERS 150W/ 300W 5 zones

JB-150/ JB-300

awWILLS JB150 and JB300 are high performance mixer power amplifiers with a 5 zone speaker selector that is suitable for public address broadcasting or background music usage. An all zone button allows broadcasting to be made to all 5 zones.


  • Five 48V phantom power MIC jacks 
  • Support 6.35mm and XLR balanced inputs
  • 5 zones separate 100 volt speaker outputs 
  • Built in chime and siren circuitry 
  • Mic input 1 with priority muting
  • Built in bluetooth receiver and USB player
  • Rack mount brackets 

Audio AMPLIFIERS 5 zones


awWILLS JB500 is a high performance mixer power amplifier Ideal for small and medium PA application with the -zone and all call speaker selector for public address broadcasting or background music usage. 


The 5 Zone Mp3 Mixer Amplifiers are designed for background music/paging and public address system installations. JB500 mixer amplifiers have features of built-in MP3 player with USB slot for connecting external audiosource built-in FM receiver featured Bluetooth connectivity with mobile device.  JB500 is provided with an audio output to 5 different zones within the venue,each zone has its own individual volume control manually operated on front panel.Included are three 6.35mm microphone inputs, MIC1 overrides MIC2,MIC3 AUX1,AUX2 with 0~30dB attenuation.

6 ZONE Paging AMPLIFIERS 240W/360W/480W


The cost-effective Multi-Zone Paging System is achieved with awWILLS’s zone selectable remote paging microphone and multi zone amplifier with built in media player and speaker line selector. awWILLS’s multi zone paging system allows paging up to 6 zones, utilizing a single 6 zone amplifier and a desktop remote zone select microphone.


  • 4 Input Channel Volume Control and 1 selectable source input Volume control, Master Volume Control, 6 Zone Speaker Selector with 6 step attenuator.
  • Talkover Switch ( VOX ) & Phantom Power Switch for Channel 1-4. Chime enable with volume control.
  • System mute
  • Bypass contact input  
  • Media player module
  • Output 4Ω, 70V, 100V
  • Emergency Alarm inpuy
  • Remote Mic with 6 Zone selection

Audio POWER AMPLIFIERS 1000W/ 1500W/ 2000W


The JB1000 (1000 W), JB1500 (1500 W) and JB2000 (2000 W) Single Channel Power Amplifiers are engineered for high performance with wide frequency response, very low noise and distortion, and excellent output regulation. Outputs include transformer isolated 70 V, 100 V plus a direct low-impedance mode if non-transformer operation is required.


  • Rack mount amplifier in 3U height
  • 70V, 100V and 4-16 ohm speaker outputs
  • Isolated transformer for human safety operation
  • Rated power 1000W/1500W/ 2000W
  • 5 LED indicator for status display
  • Indications for power, signal, clip, protection and temp
  • Reliable protection from overheat, overload, clip & short circuit
  • XLR socket and 6.35mm jack for additional mixer or amplifier linkBuilt in cooling fans with intelligent startup function.

10 ZONE Selector


The JB-DZ2 is a 10-zone speaker selector switch that allows the user to distribute an amplified speaker signal up to 10 listening zones that can be turned on or off. This selector is divided into 2 groups of 5 zones, it features two amplifier inputs A and B which allow the selection of up to 10 individual zones fed by one 100v amplifier or 2 x 5 zones fed by two separate 100v amplifiers.


  • Supports 10 zone speaker selection.
  • 2 groups of 5 zones and 70V/100V audio signal outputs.
  • Two amplifier inputs A and B.
  • LED signal level meter.
  • 10-position zone selector switch with pushbutton on the front panel.
  • Power handling: maximum 2 kW total capacity, maximum 200W per zone.

10 Channel Audio PRE AMPLIFIER


Versatile, high performance Pre-amplifier with call and BGM (background music). 
It fulfills a wide variety of public address requirements at a surprisingly low cost.
The JB-D3 pre-amplifier is engineered for high performance with wide frequency response, very low noise and distortion, and excellent output regulation.


  • Rack mount 19” 2U 10 channel mixer pre-amplifier with audio source
  • 10 Inputs & 3 Outputs pre-amplifier for Public Address System
  • AUX in/out to connect with power amplifier and audio source player
  • Each channel with independent volume adjustment
  • Support Bluetooth, USB/Mp3 and FM
  • 10 Audio Inputs (5 Microphone, 4 Line/AUX, 1 Emergency)
  • 3 Audio Onputs (1 XLR balanced, 2 RCA unbalanced)
  • Microphone with Phantom DC48V power supply
  • Microphone input with priority function
  • EMC has the highest priority function

Voice Alarm System


The FR-EV Series of products from awWILLS is a collection of high-performance audio notification systems that provide voice evacuation capability which meets the emergency voice alarm requirements of various fire alarm applications. FR-EV3 includes a paging microphone, tone generator and user-friendly supervisory interface panel. 


  • Alarm and alert signals
  • Compatible with 0 V (short circuit) or 24 V DC fire alarm control panels
  • Live microphone override of message and tone
  • Digitally recorded automatic evacuation message

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