Bank Counter Window Intercom Speaker

Bank Counter Window Intercom Speaker Anti-interference Dual-Way Intercommunication Microphone Talk Through Glass INTERCOM E330

You can use the conversation between the inside and out side of the window for the customers’ evaluation of the salespersons, and for the supervisor’s evaluation of each windows. 

  • Usage: the bank staff use the master station to talk with guests. and the guest use the substation can talk with bank staff as well.  
  • Installation:the master station is installed in the working place and the sub station out of the working room. Just one wire connection between the master station and substation.  
  • Applicaton: bank, stock office, hospital, post office, Box office, charge station, etc.

Functions and Features:

  • Hands-free two-way talkback with full automaticity, mic inside the substation;
  • Microcomputer controled circuit with squelch function can thoroughly solve echo and squeal problems;
  • Adopts high-powered mic, elegant appearance, the voice is lifelike and clear; the volume of master station and substation can be adjusted separately;
  • Easy installation, there is only one wire for master station and substation connection.
  • Volume of master station and substation can be adjusted separately.
  • With recorder jack, can output both route’s sound and signal.
  • Inside mute and out side mute .