Wireless Caregiver Pager Smart Call Button for Elderly Patient Personal Care Home Alert System Nurse Call System

Easy to use:

Wireless caregiver pager ideal is for the elderly and patients to quickly issue a caregiver alarm or medical alert to their nurse or caregiver. Also good for massage therapists, the perfect answer to knowing for sure when the client is ready without waiting too long to enter the room or not giving them enough time before knocking. It consist of button suitable for people who need care and assistance use and signal receiver is installed in place to be reminded and plug in


  • Call button with lanyard, easy to carry, can be put in the pocket or hung on the neck. Suitable for people who need care and assistance, such as patients/elderly/residents/children.
  • The call button is waterproof, acceptable for meal/soup/water Splash. And Allow to be Installed in the Washing Room.
  • Pager/Receivers is convenient for upstairs and downstairs or like the kitchen/washing room where is enclosed and noisy, can be installed separately.
  • LONG RANGE-Operating Range is 100M in open Area.Pager/Receiver/Chime Unit is 9 Ring Tones for Your Choice and 7 colors can be showed. Easy Use ( Plug and Play)-Plug the Receiver into an Electrical Outlet.
  • Your loved one pushed the battery-operated portable button when they need assistance, the caregiver button instantly transmits a signal to the receiving pager. Whether you are in the living room, the garden, the garage, the basement or talking with a neighbor you’ll instantly know when your loved one needs you.