433mhz Panic Button Elderly Alarm Systems Caregiver Pager SOS Bracelet Emergency Wireless Watch Call Senior Old People

How to work:

Wireless caregiver pager with integrated 40 songs that can be set to different music for different call buttons. When a patient needs help, simply press the button and the receiver will sound a loud alarm and will sound a continuous alarm until you press cancel, never missing a call.

24-hour peace of mind

Early detection of emergencies makes caregiving easy

Host can be paired with multiple pagers

Long distance, loud volume, can be used for a variety scenes

There are double reminders of ringing and flashing to ensure that the listener responds in time and leaves more valuable time for help.Reminding modes can be set as: Ringing, Flashing, Ringing+ Flashing.

Are you troubled by your inability to guard your family in time?

40 Ring Tones for Your Choice. 4 Level Adjustable Volume

  • This receiver can match up to 30 button.
  • You can select different ringtones for different buttons.
  • Power-off memory function: after power off, no need to setup ring tones again.

The systemworking range can reach about 30m where there is no shelter. For indoors, the system can reach about 20m.The actual distance depends on the current environment.

Easy Carrying,Comes with small size and lightweight, you can easily take this button with you to help with your daily life

It’s no secret the elderly feel more safe being alone when they have a safety device with them. An SOS call button alarm is always safe to use and simple enough alike for seniors.