Licence Free Analogue Radio

The AP515LF series business radio is the perfect choice for instant communication. With a 3W speaker, the compact and light AP515LF can deliver loud and clear audio that allows you to hear and be heard in background noise. It has an incredibly long 25-hour battery life in its most minimal form. Type-C USB charge plug allows users to charge the radio with a power bank anywhere. With the extended range and a bunch of productivity and efficiency increasing features, the AP515LF will ensure you stay connected and productive.


  • Hear and Be Heard Anywhere
    You might lose key information due to the unclear audio mixed with heavy background noise, or spend much extra time delivering your information to your partners. The AP515LF has a 3W speaker and advanced noise cancellation algorithm to eliminate unwanted background noise, reduce distortion, and suppress howling caused by other devices when in close proximity of each other, delivering louder and clearer audio. The background noise will no longer slow down your communication, and you can hear and be heard wherever you are.
  • Communicate Throughout the Workplace
    The AP515LF has a high-sensitivity receiving module and high-efficiency monopole antenna to enhance signal penetration and achieve better call effect even in weak signal rooms. In addition, the monopole antenna has a unique stable design and is not easy to break and bend, it helps enhance the life time of the antenna and also increase the radiation efficiency compared to traditional antenna by 11% to extend radio communication distance.
  • Do More While Carrying Less
    With a 4000mAh Li-polymer battery, plus the low consumption design, the AP515LF has an incredibly long 25-hour battery life in its most minimal form to supply your increasing needs, without compromising in style or performance. The 10W USB Type-C charger can get the radio fully charged in 1.8-hours, or charge the radio in just one hour to get 8-hour of talk time. The long life battery also helps your teams power through extended shifts. So you can do more, while carrying less.
  • Trustworthy Quality
    Hytera has the world’s largest professional communication production line, and manufactures each device in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards. Strict supplier management system certification, each component meets the quality control requirements to ensure the consistency of product quality.