Analogue Radio

The AP589 series business radio is the perfect choice for instant communication. With a 3W speaker, the compact and light AP5 series can deliver loud and clear audio that allows you to hear and be heard in background noise. It has an incredibly long 18-hour battery life in its most minimal form. Type-C USB charge plug allows users to charge the radio with a power bank anywhere. With the extended range and a bunch of productivity and efficiency increasing features, the AP5 series will ensure you stay connected and productive.

  • Scrambler
    Protects your voice communications against casual listeners. Inverts and restores the frequency spectrum of a certain frequency point to encrypt the voice
  • Scan
    Allows you to listen to activities on other channels, keeping track of your colleagues
  • Around
    Allows you to continue communication in direct mode when the repeater malfunctions or the radio is out of the coverage of the repeater