Smartphone Zone

The high-performance intrinsically safe smartphone can be used in a variety of ways thanks to the ISM interface. Additional modules such as the remote speaker mic, PTT headsets or the IS-TH1xx.1 professional barcode scanner turn the IS530.1 into a high-performance multifunctional device. The smartphone is Android Enterprise Recommended, zero-touch capable and MDM compatible.


  • Android™ 13
  • Universal, 13-pin ISM (multifunctional) interface for connecting additional devices for a wide range of applications
  • Android Enterprise Recommended
  • Zero-touch capable
  • MDM compatible

Further Features

  • Multifunctional, lateral ISM interface for a quick and safe connection of additional devices
  • SOS key for loneworker protection
    LWP ready (third party application required, based on country specific regulations)
  • Push-To-Talk key
    PTT ready (third party application required, based on country specific approvals)
  • Amplified loudspeaker
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Light, Magnetic, Proximity, Pressure sensors
  • Dual-Micro-SIM
  • USB-C, Magnetic charger port, Desktop Charger, Multi Charger