AL-950 Dual CIS Cash Sorter


  • Banknote value counter that counts and sorts mixed banknotes for all currencies
  • Counts sorted banknotes for all other currencies
  • Counts up to 1.200 banknotes per minute
  • Counts up to 4 currencies at the same time in the multi-mix mode
  • Rapidly counts banknotes thanks to its large hopper capacity, double pocket design and continuous feeding
  • Verifies banknotes on up to seven security features: UV, MG, MT, Infrared, Image, Size and Thickness
  • 100% tested banknote verification by central banks
  • Presents an audio and visual alarm when a suspected banknote is detected
  • Automatically starts and stops counting the inserted stack of banknotes
  • Shows a complete count overview per currency and denomination
  • Creates equal stacks of banknotes with the automated batch function
  • Sorts banknotes based on denomination or their orient or facing direction
  • Recognises and processes the serial numbers for:EUR, USD,GBP, MXN, CAD, CNY, HKD, CNY, etc
  • Automatically recognises which currency is inserted
  • Top loading hopper capacity: insert up to 500 banknotes per run
  • Stacker capacity: stops counting after 200 banknotes, remove stack to continue
  • Reject pocket capacity: can store up to 50 banknotes, remove banknotes to continue
  • Easily operated thanks to 3.5 inch high definition colorful screen with touch panel
  • Multi-lingual interface available in: English, Spanish,Russian,Germany,Turkish
  • Free currency updates available to download whenever a new banknote is released

Money Handling Solution for Businesses and Banks

  • TOTAL VALUE: Helps you total the value of your cash to save time when dealing with large cash deposits.
  • BREAKDOWN LIST: Display clearly shows a list of bill quantity and value by denomination.
  • SN RECOGNITION: Recognizes and records the serial number for each bill for added security and money tracking.
  • KEEPING RECORD: Available to connect to the PC and upload the count data. Besides An optional printer can be used to print the result for total value, breakdown and serial number with Printer. Keep a record for your business and to track employees or deposits.
  •  MULT-CURRENCY VALUE COUNTING: Supports counting 3 types of currencies with mixed denomination in a single count. For example, it can count USD, EUR, GBP in a single count.
  • Bank Grade Counterfeit Detection: Provides 11 counterfeit detection methods to guard your business. Includes 2CIS, UV, IR, MT, MG, Dimensional and Thickness detection, Security Line Detection, Variable ink Detection, Spectrum Detection, Fluorescence Detection, SN recognition.
  • Powerful Bill Recognition: The IMC08 can count a range of banknotes from brand new to even slightly damaged.

Powerful Reject Pocket

Sorted/Worn/Counterfeit bills will go to the reject pocket.

  • Large capacity of Reject Pocket: Normal 2 pocket machine only accepts 50 bills, but us reach to 80 bills. Ideal for heavy    cash sorting job.
  • Sort on Bill Denomination: Whatever the first bill is it will sort it from the rest of the denominations going to the reject pocket. Run it through the counter multiple times until all denominations are sorted.
  • Sort on both Face Directions: Up or down.
  • Sort on Bill Orientation: Right side up vs upside down
  • Sort on Currency: Sort a stack of mixed currencies to split out into bundles of USD, EUR, CAD, MXN.
  • Sort on Version of Banknote: Separate a 2013-issue USD100 bill from a 1996-issue USD100 bill.
  • Sort out Excessively Worn and Counterfeit Bills: The excessively worn and counterfeit bills will go to the reject pocket.