Guard Tour 4G LTE Fingerprint Guard Patrol


  • Fingerprint Identification
    Using semiconductor live fingerprint collection technology, effectively prevent guard cheating,the days of guard tour fakery are over.
  • Data Upload in Real-Time
    Automatic connection to 4G network, upload patrol data to the management center in real-time, perfect communication protocol to ensure that data is not lost.
  • Task Prompt
    The software can preset task hints for the necessary checkpoints. When reading the card, it will be prompted by voice?Each Checkpoint can increase up to 10 tasks.
  • 4G HD Voice Call
    You can preset 5 groups of phone numbers. If the guard encounter an emergency, you can communicate in real-time and coordinate quickly.
  • Water Resistance IP67
    Waterproof, dustproof and prevent damage. Don’t worry to work on rainy day or man-made damage.

Technical Specs

  • Model
  • Dimension
    120mm × 68mm × 32mm; Weight 221g
  • Storage Capacity
    60,000 reads
  • Battery
    3.7V/3400mAh rechargeable lithium batteries
  • IP Rating
  • Operating Temperature
  • Reading Mode
    RFID 125KHz; Reading distance 3cm – 5cm
  • Data Transfer
    Magnetic USB(Drive-Free); 12000 record uploading/min
  • Battery Life
    for continuous use 4 days
  • Prompt
    Vibration + LED flash + OLED display + voice prompt working status.