C PLUS Ticket Parking Controller

A Multifunctional Parking Ticket Dispenser

  • Multiple Entry and Exit Credentials Available
  • Flexible Switching of Authentication Modes
  • Support License Plate Recognition
  • Unattended Parking Lot Operation

Robust Design and Stylish Appearance

The product is made of high-strength carbon steel, and the internal structure is solid and reliable.
The bright black panel is used in combination with silver to make the color gradation more vivid and the product more fashionable.

Stronger Hardware Platform Brings Better Performance

It adopts industrial-grade four-core high-end hardware platform, built-in self-developed license plate recognition algorithm and professional image processing unit, giving the product powerful application processing capabilities and license plate recognition deep learning capabilities.

Multiple Entry and Exit Credentials Available

The product supports a variety of entry and exit credentials such as paper tickets, IC cards, QR codes, license plate recognition, etc., fully meeting the needs of different parking lots, and bringing customers an efficient and safe parking experience.

Flexible Switching of Authentication Modes

The system has multiple built-in authentication modes as follows:

  • LPR for monthly card users, tickets for temporary users
  • LPR for both monthly card users and temporary users
  • IC cards for abnormal conditions

Industry-leading License Plate Recognition Solution

Using the deep learning license plate recognition algorithm independently developed by JIESHUN, the accuracy rate of license plate recognition can reach more than 99%.
The image processing unit cooperates with intelligent exposure compensation technology to capture the optimal picture for identification in complex lighting environments such as strong light, weak light and backlight.

Customized Greetings and Voice Prompts

According to the usage scenarios of different users, we can provide customized services of display content and voice prompts to maximize the user experience.

Greater Scalability to Access More Devices

The controller can be connected to a video intercom terminal, auxiliary identification camera, information display screen, and environmental monitoring camera to realize more parking lot applications, such as audio and video intercom, real-time monitoring, fast payment, emergency handling and other functions.
Compared with the traditional parking management system, the management efficiency is higher, the cost is lower, and the application is more abundant.

Remote Debugging and Maintenance

The parking lot equipment can be connected to the operation and maintenance platform. Any abnormal events will be notified in time, and the status of the equipment can be seen at a glance.

The product supports remote upgrade, parameter configuration, log acquisition, remote monitoring and other management, which can solve the problem in the first time, and the operation and maintenance service is more efficient.