Docking Station DSN07

Key Features

  • This data terminal is with no PC, no Windows OS, unattended, and no need to worry about virus invasion.
  • Without complicated technical support and maintenance.
  • No manual intervention, no need to worry about recoded files being tampered, lost or deleted at the data terminal.
  • Recorded files on body camera are directly uploaded to the local server or cloud server, safe and efficient.
  • Each data terminals and docking port has a unique ID number, which can record uploading location along with recorded files.
  • Each data terminal can support 10 body cameras to upload files in parallel, the highest transmission speed can reach 100Mbps * 10 port = 1Gbps.
  • The indicator lights on the body camera indicate the status of file transmission is in progress or completed.
  • Support network cascade of multiple data terminals, only one single network cable needed for LAN access.
  • Each docking port has a mechanical bayonet with spring, easy to operate, stable and reliable.
  • Support 2A * 10 ports fast charging in parallel, 100V ~ 240V wide voltage AC power supply.
  • Aluminum alloy chassis, lightweight and sturdy, can be installed horizontally on the desktop or vertically on the wall.