Zone expansion module

The module is designed for use in conjunction with the control panels of INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus, VERSA, VERSA Plus, PERFECTA families as well as with ACCO-NT2 access control panel. This device replaces the CA-64 E/CA-64 EPS module. The INT-E offers expansion of the system by 8 wired zones as well as allows direct connection of roller shutter and vibration detectors. The additional tamper input facilitates detection of unauthorized opening of the enclosure in which the module is installed.

  • System expansion with 8 zones
  • Support for:
    • NO, NC
    • EOL, 2EOL/NO, 2EOL/NC (alarm control panels only)
    • 3EOL (INTEGRA Plus only)
  • Programmable EOL resistance value (INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus, VERSA, VERSA Plus only)
  • Support for vibration and roller shutter detectors (alarm control panels only)
  • Ability to connect to RS-485 bus (firmware update via the bus)