Advanced control panel with 16 up to 64 zones

Advanced alarm control units providing alarm functions and optional implementation of home automation and access control systems. With a broad range of extension modules, their applications can be adapted to individual needs: from minor systems to extensive installations. Communication features combined with additional modules, such as GSM and TCP/IP, are a major advantage of the INTEGRA control units.

  • 16 up to 64 zones
  • 32 partitions, 8 objects
  • 16 up to 64 programmable outputs
  • Keypads and expansion modules buses
  • Built-in telephone dialer with monitoring, voice messaging and remote control features
  • Access control and home automation features
  • System operation with LCD keypads, partition keypads, keyfobs and proximity cards or remotely with mobile phone or PC
  • 64 independent timers for automatic control
  • Event log with 5887 entries and event printing feature
  • 192+8+1 users
  • RS-232 port – RJ type socket
  • Flash firmware upgrade with a PC
  • Built-in 3 A switching mode backup power supply with battery charging and diagnostic features
  • Option of not reporting possible problems with connecting to the SATEL server as a failure