N-BM260W Pro

N-BM260W hands out reliable performance leading to customer satisfaction with its user friendly interface.

Get into the verification game with N-BM260 Pro, that puts forth Facial, Finger as well as Card Recognition. It gets Easier to manage attendance, consisting of few to a certain high range of person. In this device you can enroll 2000 users with total 2000 face, 3000 fingerprint and 2000 RFID Card, 150000 logs. We can verify users by dual verify mode with password and FC/FP, also card and FC/FP to verify any user’s two type of bio detail, this function provides higher security. High Performance processor that runs the operations faster than the wheel, giving you the ultimate user experience. Technically advance Linux base OS so it is user-friendly for any user to carry out functions withing the device. What if we can transfer the data wirelessly? So we did it and gave you WiFi Connectivity as well as LAN connectivity for communication with the software. We can upload and download any N – series user data from USB pendrive with their all bio details. Generate excel report and download it from USB. Auto Focus Feature backed up by a stunning camera for verification as well as identification within its covering range.

This upgraded technology will auto locate the face of the user and it has been designed to work under normal as well as low light scenarios. Install device at the height of 44 inch (ideal for person 5.5-6 feet) for better and reliable use. The advance fingerprint sensor is specially built for verifying ink, mehndi or color finger. N-BM260 Pro has optional battery backup option, which is very useful where electricity issue occurs. This device has admin facility from that we can secure this device better and provide access for changes in device settings to some specific user. Lock your Premises: Use it as Access Control to permit the entry and exit of the room. It has inbuilt access control facility with that user can connect lock with the device to open and close door as we want giving limited and authorized access to your office. Supports Wiegand reader, Exit switch, No touch sensor, Wireless remote and many other


  • Face Detection
  • Advance Finger
  • RFID Card Detection
  • Access Control
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • LAN Connectivity
  • USB Connectivity
  • Battery (Optional)