With Impressive features levelled up to meet your demands

N-X990 is one of the most versatile model in the industrial market today. Unbeatable since we introduced we need to give our users flexibility in every way possible. We call it a Professional Biometric Model used for Attendance and Access Control device, mainly in Corporate Offices, Industrial Area, Construction Site, Schools and Collages, etc. This Device comes with Linux base Operating System and Advance CPU. Supportive to the versatile features of N-X990, an innovative CPU has been fit inside this device that is durable for years. Powerful devices are supported by a powerful sensor, we included a sensor that verifies multiple types of fingers with same accuracy as it does to normal one i.e. mehndi, color, ink even rough dry fingers also. N-X990 device has Inbuilt Battery with good battery backup. Works normally in the presence but have enough power to work in absence of the electricity. We have option to add up and internal as well as external power source to this device. N-X990 has feature with Function Shortcut Keys which can be used for access particular option directly from this key which can be modified by user. N-X990 device has Time Zone feature for employees which we can create different time zone and also we can assign different time zone to different employees.

N-X990 device has one is to one feature which we can be used for security. We can create Multiple Admins in this device for security, and also we can use with different Admin roles in N-X990. Work Code we can set in N-X990 device. We don’t want our users to run out of options for communicating, N-X990 offers Wi-Fi (wireless) as well as TCP/IP protocol. Add GPRS + GPS (Opt.) and keep a track of the location of your devices as well as users, with GPS function. Whereas GPRS communication gives 4G connectivity to your device that is cutting-edge in this modern era. Canteen Management Serve & preserve your employees with style. We came up with a cost effective & reliable solution, just add a thermal printer to its RS232 port & use it as a canteen device. When we go for software connectivity N-X990 device can be use in local network as well as in public network also. Implement this model at multiple locations and get a Centralized control of features like Expire User, Online Enrollment, Upload and Delete Users support in N-X990 device from your head office. Keep your premises secure with its potent access control feature. The liberty to use your choice of exit option i.e. RS485 reader, Wiegand Reader, Exit switch, No Touch, Wireless Remote etc. N-X990 device has feature to set delay timing for open door and also we can set feedback alarm for alert. N-X990 device has feature of Anti Passback feature.


  • Advance Finger
  • RFID Card Detection
  • Access Control
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • LAN Connectivity
  • USB Connectivity
  • Battery (Optional)
  • Function Keys