Dive into this ultimate featured from Biomax, with its stunning features and class performance N-UFACE302 is all you need.

A perfect combination of advance Facial Verification with the Finger Sensing Technology as well as RFID Card.
N-Uface302 comes with adequate Face, Fingerprint, RFID Card and Password modes of verification. This device has four different verification mode FC/FP/P/C, User can also use different combination of verification such as Face + Finger/Card. CPU at the core of this model is speed demon when it comes to performance. We have deployed Linux OS for a user friendly interface as well as quick calculative performance. A quick back and forth operation along with stability to run those efficiently is the specialty of this device.

What if we remove the rule of standing near the device at a certain angle? – This camera gives user the freedom of angle with its Multi Angle Face Verification Technology, this is only possible due to its Auto focus detection. Fix N-Uface302 at a height of 44 Inch from ground, Enroll Faces and get the best results. It can happen to anyone, this Fingerprint sensor is specially built for verifying ink, mehndi or any color, even rough, dry fingers too.

Connect like you want to, N-Uface302 connects via Wi-Fi for wireless routers – via LAN for ethnic users – via 4G GPRS connectivity too for the special needs of the customer. RS232 Connectivity, Serving individual and managing canteen via adding printer to N-Uface302. Work Code – function to manage the group of employees in certain work code. Time zone Function to give particular timing to each employee for Entry and Exit. Want to give any user access for a limited amount of time – User Expiration rule facility is available. Online User Enrollment from Head Office, also define Admin, Supervisor and user role. Uploading/Deletion, data manipulation from centralized software. Lock your Premises, use it as Access Control to permit the entry and exit of the room. Flexibility to exit the room Supported exit readers group are – RS485, Wiegand Reader, Exit Switch, Remote, No Touch. Take the power in your own hands – Power backup enough for a certain staff to cross their attendance whenever the electricity is lost. An option to add external UPS is there and protective metal casing for the safety of the device from any ingress of dust, or any physical harm.


  • Face Detection
  • Advance Finger
  • RFID Card Detection
  • Access Control
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • LAN Connectivity
  • USB Connectivity
  • Battery (Optional)